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Glass Eden - "Glass Eden"

Recorded at:
Big Planet Austin, TX & Purple Pyramid, Los Angeles

Mixed at:
Purple Pyramid, Los Angeles

Kent Davis, Ron Weiss, Peter Blackwell

Tom Baker at Future Disc Los Angeles

Female Vocal Samples:
Landon Hall

CD artwork concept & design:
Peter Blackwell & Kim Castle - Castle Graphics

Jon Polito, Roy London, Renee Faia, Lorraine Herra, Kent and Lisa Davis, my family, my god and Ronna … now I know.

written, performed & produced by : Peter Blackwell
© Reality Records / Black Noise (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved


"Beauty and the beast
mixed together in a
twisted harmony."

This is one of the most original and best releases I’ve reviewed all year.

Apocalypse magazine (Jim Smith – Editor)

Peter Mervis, Director
Reviewed by Steven Gottlieb of CVC REPORT

Much like fellow industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, Glass Eden is actually a pseudonym for the work of one disturbed individual. In this clip for "Give Up," Peter Blackwell stalks around the desert like a cowboy, as cavemen-like people are lured to promote causes they can't possibly understand. A perfect add for any heavy show looking to promote a well-executed independent release.

On the "Human" video, what begins looking like an bondage/fetish dominatrix fantasy quickly turns into a cyber makeover of the weak and worthless human by said dominatrix as the band do the victim's sense of self-worth no good at all by hurling various abuse at him all to a pumping electro industrial soundtrack. Pretty good and bodes well for the album which promises more of the same.

- Jimmy Possession/R & EB-Cambridge, England

New artist reviews"

Recently I have been listening to the self titled "Glass Eden" CD. It is simply amazing. Peter Blackwell is a genius with the aggressive side of man. On songs like "SHEEP" and "HUMAN" he sings about man and all his faults as well as using religious references. This is especially noticed on his song "HYMN 13", which surprised me. This song focused on Blackwell's voice and his piano playing. This isn't just industrial, it's emotion brought forth in many musical forms. This is a brilliant cd that took a lot of musical talent to present man, emotion, and the flesh all connected together. I suggest you pick this up and submerge yourself in the garden and paradise of GLASS EDEN... Peter Blackwell is GLASS EDEN. (Reality Records Inc.) Check out Glass Eden it totally defies all aspects of Industrial and makes you feel. Emotion is the key, it is the ultimate journey of the soul and the flesh. I will hopefully check back with Mr.Blackwell in a few months...Remember who beat Mr.Reznor to the punch my Rivet heads and goths.

- Aaron Goldman
(Evolution & The District-Philadelphia, PA)

"Industrial Reviews"

If you've visited this site before, you'll know that I'm not a huge fan of the 90's industrial bands...that was the Major Label stuff, I've changed my mind since hearing the independents. Glass Eden, Lab Animals, and Torsion have turned me on to a new sound without offending my traditional Metal tastes. Glass Eden's Self Titled Debut has become an all-time favorite Industrial project of mine. In has the intensity of anything Mr. Reznor has ever done, and equals the quality and originality of Ministry. This difference is the variety, which has become the greatest thing about independent releases. There are 9 tracks listed, which start with the ripping Industrial Anthem "Give Up", and goes through a barrage of industrial/metal hybrids. A very "warm" production makes this a very enjoyable project. Unlike many industrial bands who mask their short-comings with over distortion and noise, Glass Eden exhibits a lot of talent in a lot of areas. This is an extremely professional project that must be listened to!


When I initially received this CD I immediately thought it was going to be another indie goth band. Not really being a fan of goth, I set the CD aside to review at a later date. I should have never let the artwork fool me like that. When I finally placed Glass Eden's CD into my player I was overcome by a wall of angry vocals, pounding beats, and swift guitar riffs. Now, most would categorize a CD like this as coldwave, but there's so much more to it than that. "Sheep" is a slower piece with a long intro and barely audible vocals. The music is more varied and trace elements of electro seep through between the multitude of sampled sounds and cascading guitars (think Vein Cage!) Beginning with solid electro sequences and a rapid-fire rhythm line, "Human" goes on to include a slow beat and raw vocals and finishes off as a chaotic piece with rage tinged vocals. From there we move to "Hymn 13", a piece constructed simply with a piano and vocals. This track shows that Glass Eden's sole talent does not lie within the guitar treated industrial genre. Power is a straight edged rock orientated track with some vocals that sound as if Lenny Kravitz recorded them. Journeying back into the subtler side of music, "Goodbye" is a piece driven entirely by an acoustic guitar and heart felt vocals. Glass Eden has several strong points, the most noticeable being their ability to change styles at the drop of a hat, sometimes in the middle of a piece. Most bands tend to stay away from this much variety within one project, opting to release other material via side-projects, but if Glass Eden can get away with it more power to them.

- D. Robinson@The Industrial Bible


Glass Eden consists of Peter Blackwell, an American in his angry prime. In the press release there are comments from people that surround other artists like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. Get the picture already? What separates Glass Eden from these other industrial giants is the way more relaxed and sensible feeling of the whole sound. NIN's lust for experiments is gone and has been replaced by more accessible links to all sorts of popular American music. One track can have a whiff of a country'n'western influence just as soon replaced by a funk guitar. All the way through it's pretty much rock even if the electronic parts shine through as well. Some of my favorite tracks are 'Give Up' and 'Enough'. The first one being the mad first track of the album and the second being a totally odd little number that just never cease to impress me with its charming and elegant mood swings. On the whole, a very varied and interesting record, well worth a listen.

- Petter Duvander
(Update Magazine/ZEOlight Zone- Lund, SWEDEN)