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"Another one of the strong points of The Sinner is the awesome soundtrack, which features musical stylings reminiscent of old southern spirituals mixed with classic rock. The sound goes perfectly with the gritty toughess of the characters and story, as well as the religious allegory."

- Amy Curtis / The Examiner

01: Confession
02: Central Control
03: Be Still And Know
04: Sinnerman
05: Long Story Short
06: Shadow Division
07: The Reverend
08: Hey Shifty
09: Devil In Your Heart
10: A Room With No View
11: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
12: Invisible
13: Engine Joe
14: Good Times
15: Payback
16: Bangladesh
17: Trouble About My Soul
18: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Hard)

Produced By: Charles Wiedman / Peter Blackwell
Mixed and Mastered at: Austin Soundmine
Engineer:Peter Blackwell

Tracks 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 10
Tones and Orchestral Music Beds:Kevin Macleod
(incompetech.com) and Apple Soundtrack Pro

Additional Guitars/Drums/Piano/Other Instruments:
Peter Blackwell

Soda Gardocki
Courtesy of:Hillgrass Bluebilly Records

“Hey Shifty”
Guitars/Drums:Peter Blackwell
Bass:John Schoen

“Devil In Your Heart”
(Instrumental) Guitars:Jeff Koke
Drums:Peter Blackwell
Bass:John Schoen

“Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down”
Written and Performed by:Murray Hammond

Piano:Peter Blackwell

“Engine Joe”
Guitars/Drums:Peter Blackwell
Bass:John Schoen

“Good Times”
Mario Matteoli/The Weary Boys
Courtesy of: Blue Eyed Jo Music BMI

Guitars/Drums:Peter Blackwell
Bass:John Schoen

Performed by:Doug Briard

“Trouble About My Soul”
The Trishas
Courtesy of: The Trishas Music LLC

“Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down”
Guitars/Drums:Peter Blackwell
Bass: John Schoen
Vocals: Casey Epps

Other Vocals on the album:
David Christopher, Jesse Dayton, Alex Jones, Corey Oldham, William Orendorff, Arthur Simone, Savannah Welch, Charles Wiedman, Katherine Willis